Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two Afterthoughts on Blacksburg

I :
One Answer Here...What is the Question?

You are cringing in the sunlight.

And do you fear the birdssong?
Why do you tremble? Are those tears in your eyes?
And you punish yourself, grinding your teeth, clawing at your breast...
What is this? What is that word you repeat... To me?... To yourself?

Oh! I see you direct the monosyllable to God.. A query!
Of course, it rhymes with “I ”.. The word is “Why?”

Here’s one answer. What’s the question ?

Behold the egocentric questioning of Deities by the clueless of millennia.

Why, me?... Why My Friends?

“How, indeed, can a good God punish so many innocents?

“I... We.. They... none deserves such horror!”

It must be true, but must each soul have its private “just desserts”?

Not in the scheme and context of God’s greatest gift to mortals:


Free will,, Invested by Creator in every living soul

So that we may shine brighter than all the angel auras...
Or sink to a depravity below the Lost: Satan and his Demon horde.

And yet we must live together.While uncountable Aeons ask us why we cannot.

-- --Fair question, that.

II :

The After-Action Colloquy Review

“Why did you haste to spread your heart and loins against the bursting door?”

“Evil I saw there. The others did not know.. .. Not even the word.”

“You recognize evil?... It was familiar to you?”

“Oh yes, I watched as all Librescus, yes, and other Jews were wasted by it, obliterated!”

“So, you would say it’s best to suffer evil.... best to be fore-armed?...”

“Of course not. But All should have the definition, not necessarily the shock, the pain of meeting it incarnate.”

“You’ve found a void?”

“Well, yes. Europe passes laws to force memory of Evil and criminalize forgetting it. In Israel, we need no legislation tweaking memory, for Moses branded us.”

“Then tell me, Livio Librescu, what’s your prescription?”

“All mortals should know what Evil is...and that IT IS! And then, endowment with true Freedom... not so prevalent in these ‘correct’ days !”

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