Monday, June 25, 2007

Three Glimmers.....

Some things actually brightened my weekend-and-Monday as I approach another birthday in the 80s.

The first thing was watching two United States senators, Trent Lott and Dianne Feinstein blame their own ineptitude on us, the peepul and what they called "talk radio".

These two usually articulate hustlers got their tongues caught in their bridgework and could only come up with a condescending view that the immigration legislation is "too complicated" for most people, and certainly too complicated to be correctly described by a talk radio host.

"Well simplify it, then, you arrogant ciphers! " Was my first reaction. "And admit you’ve been caught red-handed. By the Peepul and not the radio waves."


My next great pleasure came when the Supreme Court slapped a convicted drug seller upside the head and agreed that his "Bongs 4 Jesus" banner was sufficient grounds for his expulsion from high school when he was a senior in Juneau.

He is 23 now and has been convicted of selling dope. I’m sure the justices did not know about that. But it’s a good thing they are reinstating some principal control over student silliness that deteriorated during Vietnam era rulings.

And then there was another Supreme Court ruling that knocked out the stupid McCain-Feingold bar against corporations and unions and other entities advertising their political opinions within 30 days of an election.

That was a sinister insult to the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights and, like the scurvy thug in Sweetcreek, "needed killin’."

Maybe the basic tenets of Western civilization are creeping back into cogency. Selah !

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