Monday, November 05, 2007

Grenier's Denier'

Does the name Robert Grenier mean anything to you?

Well, you COULD “Google” him, I guess....

He interests me because I was reading the Jerusalem Post (ye, THAT Jerusalem) simply because I wanted to know what the AP, Reuters, NYTimes, and the news networks were withholding ...and voila ! THERE it was !

This Grenier fellow was quoted as telling a group conference in Mexico City that those loveable Middle East philanthropists, Hamas and Hezbollah are organizing in Mexico at a firm rate.

Hamas, as you must know, is now filly in charge of Palestinian Gaza and working on the West Bank. Hamas is a Syrian based terrorist organization with the avowed (and demonstrated) desire to end the existence of Israel. Hamas INVENTED the suicide-bomb-as-political-statement concept, y’ know...

Hezbollah (Hizbolla) is an Iranian-subsidized movement, also active in Syria and inciter of the. Last Lebanon-Israel conflict, through use of assassination and kidnaping.

Grenier says the two outfits have long sought entry into the United States to apply tried and true bloody terror tactics up close and personal in U.S. citizens the way they are used in Israel and Iran and Jordan against their “enemies”.

Well, that figures. I must admit without humility that I had thought of that.

Grenier said that the flood of illegal immigrants and the free flow of illegal narcotics from Mexico to the U.S. is ripe to be exploited by these terrorists, and that Hamas and Hezbollah are very optimistic. Well, how the HAIL would he know...Who IS Grenier, anyway???

Why, he is the immediate former chief of te U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counter-terrorism task force. That’s who he is !

Stay Tuned.

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