Saturday, March 15, 2008

Equinox Compass

(Every Palm Sunday, we try to pen a line or two for our most favorite and most solemn Holy Days. Here's the 2008 offering)

How measure a memory, indeed?
From fevered embrace to aghast goodbye?

Jews say religion’s march began with Abraham,
Sparing the life of a son...and then amend it in a way
To include Sinai and Moses with The Law.

The Christians count beginnings with a star-bathed birth
And rebirth saluted after brutish
God-slaying and the fall of an Empire.

Six centuries later, in a cave, the Prophet heard a voice
And built some more grim beliefs on Gabriel’s words.

But far before these things, the Persians worshiped fire
And Bedouins knelt to whirlwinds and large stones. Some still do.

But hear! I tell you now that only once in all this wild
Bewildered contrapuntal cacophony was there relief: one word.,

Forgiveness, introduced from bloody lips ,
Golgotha-rooted, on the Tree of crucifixion
Between the Thieves.

Until He said “They Know Not.....”
The concept was not Known, Done...or Recommended..

Where are we now?

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