Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Have a Thoughtful Christmas

“O grandfather, how old is Christmas ?”
Her eyes were bright and dark blue at once,
A Wonder as well as a wonderer.

How should I answer ?
For the longing for forgiveness was always there
Wasn’t it?
No one gave it worth or voice in the Maelstrom
Of Creation and its early aftermath.
And little was known of forbearance or redemption for Aeons, even.

Not even when the Macabees won righteous Way
Over pagans and repristinated a Temple.
For Vengence ruled all struggle and all men all those years.

And then, the very Essence of Forgiveness came, as a Child
To flesh out the bones that never knew a pardon or an unencumbered Death.

So was that Christmas just two thousand of our “years” ago ?
Or have we celebrated Hope and Love without account ?
And do these years of lying to our best efforts fade
In misplacement to the Winter solstice?

How can I tell her that it limps on Mammon’s fuel ?
She’s waiting. So I say:

“Your Christmas is as young as your delight in giving...Today.
“And it is Timeless as your longing for a love...and peace...and your rebirth...”

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very nice, daddy !!