Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bias of The Hive--The Left's Propellant

In answer to my missive containing H.L. Mencken's 1935 warning that legislators had at that jucture evolved into pawns of pressure groups and no longer listened to constituents, my best friend west of the Rockies said:

"It is just Human Nature..."

Waaaal... Yassss, Ol' Buddy---if you mean the nature of the bribed or otherwise subsumed reportorial and post-modern "journalists"...which include not one H.L. Mencken.

HE was that way as a cub reporter on the Baltimore Sun.

So was I, and Roy Howard and Merriman Smith. And David Brinkley. And Leo Soroka. And Inez Robb. And Howard Handleman...I could go on. But they ALL worked prior to the death of JFK..."When Camelot and innocence died..." according to the collectivist "Hive" who do not even admit that Castro had him killed...

I am not very temperate in this. I worked at a wirte service when David did and when Smith reigned. Also Joe Davis from Valdosta and Lee Fuhrman and Sam Cox in Atlanta.

There are no journalists any more.

The only people I can trust are disenchanted former democrat speech writers like Dr. Charles Krauthammer and Dr. George Will and two giants of academe , Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Thomas Sowell.
They ALL are like Arthur Koestler, Nabokov and Solzhenitsyn....survivors of the crucible of Baal.

When Brit Hume quit, that was the last reporter not warped, twisted.. gone. Welcome to showboz as news

Only the bloggers like Andy Breitbart and Ed Morrissey, and a few others (Debbie Schussel and Kimberly Strassel come to mind) are believeable. James Taranto, maybe, does some digging and zots a few liars for the Wall Street Journal (which, incidentally now has passed ALL dailies in circulation---and probably ad lineage).

Politoco's marionettes are in the tank. Mort Kondrake has descended into biased mock reporting.

Susan Estritch and Camille Paglia (neither a "reporter") are distaff Demonsthenes compared to most of the drugged scarlet-lettered MSM types.

Now...Human Nature has NEVER been too great. There is always a lag...Like..two years later..."Oooops!" WhahdideyeDO???!

Take Simon Peter the Fisherman frinstance...: "Me? Hell No! I never saw that feller befo in mah LIFE !!!"

Lordy no. I lost my illusions about Human Nature when I read the greatest book ever written by ANY American (and maybe by anyone except Cervantes)...Huckleberry Finn....I was ten or eleven and I had humans pegged from then on. I was never very sure about myself or my kinfolks after reading Huckleberry Finn. Now at 85, after one rebirth in Spirit and another in Policy, and after reading it (Twain's masterpiece) three or four more times and Don Quixote twice (one last year) I am positively convinced.

We mortal humans swing like spirit-pendulums, between the Heavens and excremental Nadir.

And we do not spend a lot of time midway.No "status" or "stasis", see ?!

Check with the kid on the raft and the old geezer wearing a dungpot for a hat.

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