Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Issa Goes For the Jug

Our little corner of the Blogosphere will waste no time in getting the word out that Congressman Darrell Issa has asked the United States Office of Special Counsel to open an investigation of two denizens of the murky White House: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and his deputy Jim Messina.

You may check the story from The Hill here:

Emanuel, you remember, sent his former boss, ex-president Bill Clinton to get former rear admiral Bobby Sestak to quit his challenge of Senator Allen Specter in Pennsylvania. Messinna Emailed and begged Andy Roimanoff not to run for Mike Bennet;sseat in Colorado, mentioning THREE jobs.

Issa's call for counsel will not appear on your local fishwrapper front page.

Until now, the OSC has been regarded as a sort of SUPER Inspector General force, to protect Whistleblowers and abused bureaucrats.

But, an altogether appropriate OSC investigation will surprise craven sycophant media typoes as well as White House bullies and echoes.

Among the specific duties assigned to the OSC are to investigate:

* Attempts to coerce the political activity of any person.

* Attempts toInfluence anyone to withdraw from any competition...

* Offering of unauthorised prefrence or advantage to anyone.

You can check the OSC webpagere:
Darrel Issa was not playing in the manure pile when brains (and tenacity) were passed out. Having been turned down by the Justice department (Eric Holder) and handed a warm blivet by the WH counsel ...which Issa absolutely knew would be the case, he has produced some law that he has researched and THEY may NOT have.

Go back and note that phrase: "any person".

Pass the popcorn, Rolando. This Issa man reminds me of a turkle I knew a while back in the Satilla River swamp.

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