Monday, September 20, 2010

T-Party Not a "Social" Deal

Dr. Charles Krauthammer took some time to try and educate his Libtard home rag, the Washington Post on the true nature and fuel of the Tea Party movement.

WaPo and all the Pro-0 leftwing media yowls and yaps frothily about the "hayeful" and "racist" Tea Partiers (who began their pilgrimage in...CHICAGO !

"It is about governance, not social issues," Dr K said and went on to build an architecturally unassailable foundation for his thesis.

But they'll continue to choose to not hear and in not learning, they will end in the dustbin.

And, by "governance" you can plainly see that Democrat control of the national legiuslature for FOUR years has been as detrimental as Obama's two year occupancy of the executive.

Here is the sort of thing that unsettles and angers many who get their news from sources other than the Ass Press, the alphabet TV nets and the Ivory Tower elite dying print press:

Palestinian Authority members of the "Peace Talks" have told U.S. reresentatives of Obama ---particularly SoS Hillary Clinton--- that if they do not "get a Palestinian State this time" there will be war.

PA prime minister Abbas has also indicated to Clinton and Obama that there will be "armed resistance" to any recognotion of Israel as a Jewish State".

You have not heard this on your TV nerws yet ? You have not seen it in the local auto-and-jobs-wanted fish wrapper?

Links are too numerous to list, but try GOOGLING "Haaretz" or
"Jerusalem Post"...or maybe, even "UK Telegraph".

Suppression of threatening news and diplomatic failure are typical of what Dr. Krauthammer means when he spotlights governance as the Tea Party tipping point.

Will November 2 bee soon enough ?

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