Saturday, February 02, 2013

Taking Stock

It has been nearly two months since we posted a Blog here.

During that time, we have done a robust inventory of self, motive, content and timing.

We do not want to fade into the shadows of irrelebancy and boredom; therefore wenow chart a somewhat different direction for The Depot.

Maybe the content will be less contentious, with less ferocity, but more distinction.

This space has always been slave to a belief  that culture is important, that morality and ethical activity are important.  That is why we invoke the name of antiquity's thoughtful PRESERVER  of   "the Good, the Beautiful and the Tried and True..."

I ask you---all readers---to let me know if you want to be  "assailed" by these posts.

Admittedly, any 87 y-o  scrivener is often a S.O.B.---(Superannuated Old Bore).  That's a given.

If you do NOT want this sometimes rambling, sometimes terse and meaningful offering any longer, let me know by hitting the reply button on the URL email...OR by hitting REPLY and typing  NO  in the subject line before you hit "Send Now".

This will help us a lot !

Meanwhile,  CHEERS!!! (As my oldest, bestest friend always says.

And thank you.