Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Little Man

I saw him standing on the stair:
The Little Man Who Wasn't There !
He wasn't there again today !
I wish to Hell he'd go away !!

Obama's absence from the march of two million world citizens against slaughter-bent Islamic Jihadists was....What ?

Embarrassing ? Revolting ? Cowardly ?  Craven ? Unforgivable ? Despicable ? Maybe.

But his refusal to join the  Jew Bibi Netanyahu and "Palestinian" Mahmoud Abbas, who locked arms in pease and promise with 38 world eminences such as Merkel, Cameron and Hollande was something else.

It was revealing.  

Even Obama's most jubilant supporter cannot deny, now that  everything has changed for him. 

And he can never go back to claim he is a "protector"  (as his Oath reqires him to be)  of the American Constitution and the American people. 

We no longer need a Birth Certificate. The Emperor is no longer just without clothes.

He is without Honor and his very Soul is soiled.

Let those who dismiss this iniquity be en garde so to speak. 

Blindness in the presence of such incandescent venality could be fatal to the strongest Spirit.

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