Saturday, February 28, 2015

Deadliest Enemy of the Free

"They fight by shuffling papers.
 "Have bright, dead, alien eyes.
 "They look at our labor and laughter
 "As a Tired Man looks at flies..."

THAT is how Gilbert Keith Chesterton sculpted Bureaucrats and their  barren souls.

We reiterate the great man's good words to illumine the actions of the Federal Communicatuons Commission's recent actions, allegedly in quest of "net neutrality" on the Internet.

Of course, any "critic" of the FCC power grab is on thin ice indeed, because the commision has refused, so far, to RELEASE THE NEW RULES !

Doubtless, they fear the PEOPLE.

They know they have overreached and they know a court challenge will be swiftly mounted . The Commission members who favored the grab for the Internet (they "won" 3-2) may even realize they cannot be successful, in the end-game.

Why then would they propose and follow such a reach ?  Because they CAN . That is the nature of the dedicated Bureaucrat .

That they do so with the conspiratorial subversive aid of the president and his administration and party is just natural.  Stacking the deck hand in hand with con men and satisfyig hustlers' lust  and hucksters' designs  is how Bureaucrats stay in power.and increase their maligninty.

Do you remember when we reported here on the frightening visit of two nSecret Service agents to a Texas lady to shake her up after she had rebuked a cell phone robocaller  for a Democrat political campaign ? They called her to recruit her.  The SS agents accused her of  making a "Death Threat",  when actually she had spoken of opposing abortion to her unwelcome caller.

When the victim asked for identification, I remember the female SS agent smirked: "You ain't gettin none of MY card !"

My point here is they MAY be partisan, they MAY be unAmerican, they MAY be intent onb overthrowing order in any way thay can.

But the most fearsome and dangerous description that "sticks"  is  Government Bureaucrat.

Check out Chesterton's descrition in our first paragraph. It is chilling.

And  true !

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