Sunday, March 22, 2015

What in the WORLD ???!!!

This will be brief.

Early this Sunday morning (about 6 a.m. EDT)  my sleep-fogged brain was jolted into activity by an international wire report that Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Kameini spent a lot of time ranting "Death to America" in his most recent pronouncement aimed at the worldwide audience.

Now, there is nothing new about that...Except....

In a flash- exclusive- red-hot article nearby on the same aggregate site page was this story:

John Kerry, US Secretary of State says lifting of sanctions so as to allow Iran nuclear capability is near accomplishment with "just a few snags" remaining.

As arrogant and self-absorbed as this writer confesses to having been at times, this double jolt of newly minted 2015 Through-the-Looking-Glass   acting-out melted all available circuits, dissiolved some neurons and closed many synapses.

Is this a "function" of sending a Doofus Loser to do heavy lifting ?

Is this the result of Bibi Natanyahu's dazzling victory over Obama at home and abroad ?

Is this the way this opaque, Byzantine truthless White House planned its verbal assault on the citizenry?

In nearly 90 years, this reporter has never seen or heard of such wild and crazy disconnect.

One thing is certain. The United States of America will be a long time recovering from these adolescent shuck and jive gotcha games.

A quick look at history will illuminate what the harvest of institutional anti-Semitism is. I never thought my country would have to learn the lesson that humbled Rome in the dawn and all of Europe in our lifetime.

What do you think?

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Terry Cowley said...

Your post of 3/22 is spot on, as usual...! You are my voice when I am unable to articulate... Your almost 90 years have nott diminished any synapses that I can tell...