Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Your Captors & Masters

I know that you are not ready for this. As a matter of fact the cloak of secrecy that has been draped over this sneaky little piece of rhetorical legerdemain is proof that a lot of “somebodies”
are smugly tickled with their stealth verbal revolution.

The Library of Congress, according to a Washington Times article that you can read HERE, has ruled that it will no longer trace, offer, or aid in retrieving any information requested with the use of these two words: “Illegal immigrant” (“immigration ”) !!!

In order to get any information from the taxpayer-funded gigantic archives in Washington, one must play by its rules.

So, in the future to find out how many people break the U.S. law by crossing our national border without examination or visa, you must search for the numbers of “noncitizens” or “undocumented” or "unauthorized"  figures.  The Library of Congress has usurped the powers of all 50 state legislatures and the US Senate and House of Representatives plus the United States Department of Justice and the ICE and Border Patrol.

Without a doubt, Google’s algorithms will gleefully follow and thus, any circumspect examination of the depth to which our national boundary porosity has sunk will  no longer be possible.

Other language changes as a part of the conspiracy to deprive anyone of  access to  any  non-obfuscated information on which to base a complaint to a Congressman or Senator (or any other useless idiot) are certainly in the offing.

Soon, to find out how many black- on-black murders occur and what percentage of the total they comprise, one  will be required  to ask for “nondiscriminatory violent demises” and when seeking the statistics on black-on-white and white-on- black murders, one would be limited to querying about “multicultural executions” or some such. It will all be deliciously confusing and designed so that no one will ever be sure of anything.

Thus there will be no truth and no facts.

That sort of thing is going on in China and Cuba right now. It was all the rage in Europe during the 1930s and early 1940s and was most exquisitely perfected in the United Soviet Socialist Republics between 1917 and 1989.

Those savages wrought their evil with declarations. Our homegrown retromingents are oilier, more slippery and more nearly invisible with their use of political correctness on steroids.

But, they ARE  your captors.

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