Monday, April 18, 2016

The AGs are Coming For You

So now we have a mischievous band of state attorneys general announcing a conspiracy to research and /  OR cobble together some ruse with which they will persecute and prosecute citizens who dissent from the Fairytale Chicken Little religion of man-made global warming.

The scientific fact that there is no evidence of global temperature increase in the past 17 years does not deter the slavering legal beagle artifices of these irresponsible hustlers who trash their duties to assume their places as bought shysters, on the take from the Algorean lobby.

In the last month or so, three wind-turbine manufacturing companies have filed bankruptcy papers. A fourth solar-panel corporation went under in March despite generous subsidies from the Obama administration.

The solid common sense of hard-working Americans as opposed to congressional, K-Street and international lobbyists, have surveyed the blighted landscape scarred with bird-killing, nasty and noisy  giant fans and we have found them useless, more expensive to plant and maintain than any power sum they can produce.

The late Ted Kennedy, senator from Massachusetts,(No small shakes of a leftist technocrat) , banned them from his suzerainty and gave faint  lip-service to windfarms only if they were planted in someone else's neighborhood.

A larger question begs to be answered here, in view of this conspiracy.

How long will it be now until the brutish weight of indoctrination in other considerations is forced on citizens of what used to be the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?

Next year, if we disagree with some hijab-wearing squealer, will they jail us?  If we beg the IRS to allow a deduction for expenses incurred in quest of medical treatment or legal redress, will they flog us? Or if we say something deleterious about Mohammedanism, will they behead us?

News reports have it that schoolchildren all over the United States and students in many colleges are being punished or expelled for not cooperating with "diversity" jihads. Surely, a battering ram at the door of our domicile cannot be far  away.

Anyone who thinks this sort of thing "just isn't done" has not been keeping up with the news from the Ivy League. 

OR from European capitals, and especially the  United Kingdom, and the beaches of France.

In our 50 states, we are rarely aware that we even have a state attorney general.

But like former Obama henchman Eric Holder, the faint silhouette of these finaglers will soon be  starkly huge in profile. They are "warning" us.

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