Sunday, May 08, 2016

Clueless Boosters

We read online about a smart fellow who, while clicking around the major TV news sources Sunday, happened upon a panel of pompous self-important useless idiots contributing to the death of television as we have known it.

They were of course, nitpicking in the best tradition of  #nevertrump.

They performed in  what has long ago become punchless and unprofitable manner, but which still obtains as Pavlovian salivating response to any thing that rhymes with THUMP !

It is reported they blasted and derided the Republican  nominee for eating a Taco Bowl, belaboring him for hypocrisy because he has pledged to halt  ILLEGAL Mexicano breaching of the U.S. border.

Trump Taco Bowl Tweet
That is not just infantile illogic. It is moronic palaver.

Then one of the panelists piped  up to announce that:  "there is no such thing as a"Taco Bowl", ANYWAY !!! (Imprisoned in the effete TV bubble.)

Thus the wildeyed, slobbering anti-American  Zealots  are willing to showcase their ignorance and at the same time trash their  most lockstep media chameleon, the AssPress !

Our practical query is: Does somebody really pay for this slop ? And is somebody else paying extra $$$ for the “attacks” that eventually morph to  “boosts” , largely responsible for the solid and entrenched strength of Donald J Trump’s national appeal ?

If they keep it up, he is liable to whup Hillary “on the cheap” so to speak.

So far, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the old network foghorns have unwittingly done most of the heavy lifting that propelled DJT to the fore.

We are going to stay tuned !

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