Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It is really upsetting  to say that a  check of  four big media outlets after a "big"  event  reveals  that they all use the same phrases and descriptive words in the same context in  their first two paragraphs--- and all this within less than 10 minutes.
It is as though they were all directed by the same pseudo- editor.
But that could not be, could it ? The subject was the Republican Party nominee's acceptance speech. They all pronounced it "DARK".
Their  "reasons" seemed  to be obtuse and far-fetched. But I was less interested in that than I was in the fact that they all used  the same adjectives and verbs and descriptive nouns.
It was really nothing new, because they all get the same orders... Instructions.....
There is no such thing as a coincidence  if you just look around a little bit after the jackass falls in the well.
But using the word "Dark" about words that sounded a call for more well-lighted places and souls sounds patently devious    to me.
But  I will tell you what's "dark".
Using top-tier party juice to elevate  one of your party's presidential candidates and sink another when they are both your responsibility... Now I call that DARK.
Demanding and receiving a reporter's copy before he gives it to his editor... That  seems DARK to me also.
How about hustling cash for interns in your office to form anti-police riots ?  Is that DARK ?!
These are all nuggets of treachery from Democratic national committee chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz'  official emails, published by Mosieur Assange's Wikileaks website  
just before her convention separated itself from her.
In regurgitating this file story, I plead guilty to Snark.  And when  Assange comes up with some more delicious trashing of the honor-challenged hoi-polloi, I will probably 
reinvigorate my Snarkiness. They deserve it because they have been getting away with everything except murder in the efforts to subvert and traduce  for eight years or so.
There are blacker shades of "Dark" yet to be seen, heretofore hidden from citizens.

For instance, what has happened to the investigation of the murder-shooting death of a Democrat National Committee  voter rights functionary in the wee hours of July 12 in his D.C. neighborhood. All his keys, cash, credit cards and jewelry were still in his pockets. No robbery. Why don't you "Google" his name: Seth Conrad Rich, 27 ?


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