Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ol' Hickory's Seige

This will be a VERY “politically incorrect” screed, so if you’re picky about being offended by parallel truths and poking fun at the clueless, you might want to switch to a comic strip at

This past week, an ancillary appendage of  B.L.M. in New Orleans calling themselves “Take-Em-Down- Nola” demonstrated with relative pacifism to support the rioters, looters and arsonists in Charlotte North Carolina.

They were armed only with “balloons” filled with red paint, with which they sought to brand law enforcement officers, fences, churches and squad cars.

Their prime target was the statue of President (General)  Andrew Jackson astride a rearing stallion in the square that bears his name in the heart of the Crescent City.

The protesters were led by various spokespersons who announced they were going to protest and spill the red goo all over the city and all over the police and their vehicles– and over the Jackson statue until “all the Civil War - connected monuments are removed from the city, beginning with Old Hickory’s icon.

So far as I see, no one on the timeless old Times Picayune has seized the opportunity to instruct the restless, evocative mob that Andy Jackson , heroic slayer of American Native Indians, and genius of the Battle of New Orleans which was fought long after the war of 1812 had been settled with a peace treaty, was dead 20 years before Citadel  cadets  fired on Fort Sumter !

As a matter of fact, Jackson had a scar left by the sword of a British redcoat  officer whose boots the young firebrand refused to shine.

There are many icons of  Saint Joan, (Maid of Orleans) in Nola.  She is said to have spanked a prostitute with her sword once upon a time.

Would the tormented complainers paint  Jeanne d'Arc red, also ?

Having spent many wonderful dining days and raucous nights in New Orleans, and felt the pulse  of the city, I thought that both whites and blacks took some prideful interest in the multiracial history and nature of the city. 

 Both Louis Armstrong and George Washington Cable would be shocked at these Johnny-come-lately’s playing the “race oppression” card.

Especially mis-targeting a war of 1812 militarist who invented American populism.

Cokie Roberts’ parents did more damage to African-Americans in Louisiana than any general from any war.  It’s quixotic that ignorance about Gen. Jackson in the year 2016 is the direct result of the masses being stuck on the Democrat party plantation of penury, as if they fought their way onto fly-paper.

ALL politics is local and while mobs are unregulated, one individual with respect and goodwill can invoke changes. We have seen him do it.

Such an individual might bring solid information as a weapon more effective than red paint and misdirected hatred.

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