Saturday, December 31, 2016


Dr. Samuel Johnson famously said that "..... patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel",  but I wonder how many people imminently threatened by death, rape, mayhem or disfigurement by drug-crazed jihadists would endorse  the substitution of the word "nationalist" for "patriotism".

Since I first became familiar with Abigail Adams and her correspondents with John, their reverence for their little home in Braintree, along with their attachment to their neighbors, helpers and tradesmen was my yardstick for  love of  Place.  Mixed somehow with my own emotional body-memory of the Chattahoochee River  tugging  at my calves and knees as I battled a trophy fish, this deep, inchoate loss of self  in a slice of  life and time seemed the most valuable of all experiences.... And therefore they became  the nexus that leant meaning to oaths  taken on holy books ...." To protect and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic..."

Seen this way,  love of a piece of the earth whether ephemeral as a creek or robust as a continent  seems less likely to be pantomimed or faked  for fame  or profit.

Therefore, I have laboriously, set the stage for one New Year's resolution that may actually be a life-saving decision in 2017.

Resolved :  As a "Deplorable" and as an  "Irrelevant Hobbit" I will support any effort by any public figure more interested in the integrity of the boundaries set out in my property 
deeds as well as in the integrity of the national borders that are supposed to protect all of our persons and property against Scofflaw invaders, criminals and terrorists.

Great Britain's  dramatic decision to withdraw from the crooked, wasteful and blind European Union  was just the beginning of a worldwide awakening to a creeping encroachment  of delusion and dilution of national identities, and therefore a vacuum of physical protection for citizens and their property everywhere.

We have been slumbering, not just in America, but everywhere, while people who hate our government as it is now constituted, our beliefs as they are reflected in  legal documents  and faiths. 

Time will tell whether our  brink- view  of  the consuming inferno  has girded us  with the monumental resolve that will be necessary to follow through in coming  years to construct   new guards  against the ravening maw of global gluttony greed and envy.

Your resolution will count. 

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Michael R. Allen said...

Excellent, I enjoyed this very much.
Nina did, too !!
This is my second attempt to leave a comment on this "RESOLUTION" blog entry 12/31/16.

I was on a roll, as they say, on my first run. I shall attempt to recreate my enthusiastic reply and comment.

In reading your blog, as it is with most of your writing, I visualize where you are and what you are experiencing and respond emotionally between the words.
I reeled when the strike tightened and tugged the line in the stream of my choice. It could have been the Tallulah, The Upper Chattahoochee or Coopers Creek. It could also be one of the many streams found in my dreams.
I was truly blessed to have been reared to appreciate the wonder, mystery and importance of "Place". I believe we learned to nurture, protect and defend our home and all that a safe home is to us.
Some of us take an oath to do so. That's who I am. That's how I was made. I consider myself an American Patriot, In 2016, I am a proud "deplorable" American clinging to my Bible and my gun.

Michael 1/1/2017
By The Way - Jimmy Russell is taking me to his "glory hole" this Spring. I am anticipating a Good Day !