Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lotta Shakin' Goin' On...

A whole lot has happened since the last posting here.
Dubya got more than 50 million votes and won, 32 states to 19. (District of Columbia is a "state" in this case).

Arafat has been buried. He has been morally dead since he emigrated from Tunisia, became a "Palestinian" and adopted a career as the most prominent Jew-slaughterer since Stalin and Hitler.

Scott Peterson was found guilty of double murder, in Redwood City, California, and the Mark Geragos standup comedy routine gets" the hook", as they used to day in "Vodvil".

Tony Blair came to Washington and he and Dubya announced their Mid East Doctrine.
What do all these things have as "connection"????

They bode good, not ill.

Remember, for instance, as millions did, that the Democratic Party’s candidate voted AGAINST the federal law passed by Congress called the "Laci and Connor Law" that made the murder of an unborn child murder, punishable by death.

That was, after all, part of the VALUES issue.

Arafat, through Hamas, Hizbolla, Jihad Islami, and the financial backers of Al qaeda (The Base), opposed the Republican candidate, supported vocally and financially the Democratic candidate in the U.S. election.

Chiraq, an Arafat ally, and co-conspirator, now Europe’s leading Jew hater, who closes his eyes at the burning and despoilment of synagogues in France, gets his comeuppance soon.

Now, the "Palestinians" have an open avenue to their free "state", founded on the Bush-Blair Doctrine and the removal of Jewish setters from Gaza and the West Bank by Israel.

Law and order are alive and well in the U. S. Of A. The Peterson jury said so.

It is like someone opened all the windows in a stuffy house or apartment, and carried out the forgotten garbage to the Dumpster.

And Glasswaxed all the windows.

And plugged in some Air wicks.

While all this was getting ready to happen, my Marine Lance Corporal grandson, John, his Dad and I met, dined with, and prayed with Colonel Oliver North, at the Marietta, (GA) Galleria..

An Omen! Now I know.

So! For a while, I am going to dance furiously to my composition of optimism and hope. Join me???

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