Wednesday, November 03, 2004

They Just Don't Get It!!! It's the "Smell"

I have decided that "they" just do not "get" it.

By "they" , I mean the broadcast television "news" people and the so-called "mainstream media" : Time and Newsweek mags, the New York Times, Wash Post,
Reuters, and even the Associated Press.

These noisome irritants and their managers are lost in space. They are also trapped in conspiracy, which is always trumped by honesty and truth.

"They" were, you know, completely responsible for the poorly named "exit polls" that they leaked during the noontime of Tuesday's election, in an effort to dishearten Bush supporters, and color the early election reporting.

They also hoped to control the "call" of states by the television pundits. And, sadly, they ALMOST succeeded. Gunshy newcomers waited 'way unreasonably long before "calling" South Carolina and Virginia for Bush---because of the bogus "exit polling".

Now, here is the dirty little secret. When they discover that a person surveyed in a poll is a "Christian" or a "Mormon", they throw out the sample.

Zogby meticulously isolates all "Born Again Christians" in his surveys. I can swear to that in court.

So, what the exit polls did NOT count Tuesday motning were Believers. I think they must discard devout Jews, also.

Brcause the Believers were the margin of victory for the President.

I think the pollsters can spot them in a voting line by the way they smell.

I mean, you can look at a print or photo LIKENESS of Michael Moore side by side with one of Laura Buish, and know which one smells better!!!!

Huh? Huh? Am I wrong?!!!!!

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