Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Your Condensed Verion of the RATHERGATE Report...

The CBS Rathergate / MeomoGate Report is out, and you really would enjoy reading the "evidence" emails and such.

But I can save you the trouble.

I burned out what was left of my eyes looking it all over.

Here's what it says:

Dan Rather couldn't remember anything.

His producer, Mary Mapes, lied, and lied and lied. To Rather, to Heyward, to her SOURCES, to the provider of the bogus papers, and, yes, to the investigating "panel", Gov. Thornburgh and A. Boccardi of the AP.

Rather and Mapes suppressed knowledge and evidence they had that George W. Bush VOLUNTEERED for VietNam duty.

Mapes and an associate conspired to offer the Bogus man, Lt. Col. Billy Burkett, a lucrative "Book Deal".

There were REPEATED contacts between Mapes, CBS and Kerry campaign manager Joe Lockhart.

But the "Panel" NEVER sought to learn how much money the BOGUS man got, and they NEVER discuss the source of his payoff.

But they insist there was no institutional bias against Bush or his candidacy, by CBS News.

And, 8.
All Us Bloggers were the heroes.

My Opinion? It doesn't matter. I worked for two wire services, and knew many Governors of several states. And.....

I do not believe you could spread chicken litter on toast and convince Governor Thornburgh and former Associated Press chief Boccardi that you were feeding them orange marmalade....

But in this case ???????

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