Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blowin in the Wind...Reality

As I write this, Sunday, Februrary sixth is upon us and the mainstream media stands preoccupied with the anniversary of Janet Jackson's exposed flesh.

But there is a whole lot of other shakin' goin' on.A Toronto, Ontario, Canada daily paper is reporting today that Canada will agree, before the month is over to (Gasp!) join other NATO nations in sending troops to Iraq !A report from

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia announces that the "Kingdom" will hold historic democratic elections throughout the country for local and district magistrates and representatives to local councils.

United Nations poobahs are turning on one another to cover their backsides and point fingers at the rogues and thieves in the shadowy nooks and crannies. Poor old Boutrous-Boutrous Gali, the former secretary general of the U.N. (before Kofi Annan), has been singled out to take the rap for the largest Hijack (of Iraqui oil for food billions) in the world's history.

Egypt and Jordan are scrambling to broker a ceasefire between the Israelis and the Palestinians.Syria is scurrying to hold "No-No-Not-Me!!! press conferences for Al Jazeera and hastily leaving the Lebanese twisting in the winds of defeat.

German chancelloe Gerhardt Schroeder---facing the largest and growing unermployment problem in his country since 1920, is kissy-face with Condi Rice and looking to become our sweetest mainland European ally.

Soory, Gerry ! That spot is Poland's !!!

My question:What do these people know that the Democratic Party in the United States does not know???

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