Monday, February 21, 2005

Puzzle: Find the "Jerk" !!!

In a very important address to the elite "Blue Pencil" group at the Columbia University Observer precincts in Manhattan, William Keller, the lofty minded and celebrated pollysylabbic executive editor of the New York Times said of Blogs :

"Somtimes an internet Blog is just a one-man circle-jerk."

You shocked ladies and old twentieth century laggers may need to ask a high school sophmore about the term.

But I can guarantee you one thing.

It ain't in the N Y T stylebook.

Incidentally, you can check this online at the Columbia Observer website!

These elite mainstream media types are so much in shock that they have lost their Ivy League bent for circumlocution and are stooping to Rap Lyric language to make their (faint) points.

The demise of Dan Rather and CNN's Eason Jordan on th guillotine of Blogger Truth Reporting has outraged the "jornalist" in Mr. Keller.

He also said that Bloggers are always biased and that their posts are filtered through ideology.

That, of course, is NEVER the case with the Times' news pages. And there's a bridge across the East River for sale, too. !!!

Mr. Keller would have been better off talking about something other than a "jerk".

He are one.

And THAT ain't NYTimestye either.

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