Monday, March 07, 2005

Out of Proportion ??

Over last weekend, the Italians paid a huge sum in ransom to save the life of a woman journalist held by Iraqi thug-terrorists.

That is fine.

Not the greatest move of solidarity, because no one in Italy or connected with the negotiations for the lady's release told anyone in the Iraqi government, or the U.S. command about the deal.

As a result, when the ransom payers--cum rescuers-- sped through a checkpoint barrier and the rescued journalist was hit by flying shrapnel, the whole world erupted in horror, indignation and accusations of "mindless militarism gone amok."

Sunday, in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Palm Beach County Florida, a woman ice cream truck driver ran down and killed a two year old girl, and left the scene of the killing.

Why didn't you read about THAT on the front page? Or hear Katie Couric and her ilk mewling over it on the morning shows?

Good question, huh?

Just a matter of perspective. Mainstream media perspective, that is

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