Monday, May 02, 2005

Just Slow??? Or Corrupt?

ADD: Some things that the younger generation will see on the Internet that you will not see in the MSM (mainstream media):

I. Al Qaeda is organizing covert teams to enter Angola in southern Africa to obtain a strain of Ebola or Marburg hemhorragic fever virus to spread against enemies of fundamentaist Juhadism.

II. ABC News, in reporting that President Bush warned "obstructionists" they would be "held accountable" in elections for their "opposition without offering an idea", referred to this statement as "promising punishment".

Bush can't "punish" anyone. But voters CAN and WILL launch an accountability assault.

III. A boy with a two foot-long burrito, filled with sliced steak, jalapeno peppers, salsa and avocado wrapped in aluminum foil so undid Government School administrators that they locked the school down, and put snipers on surrounding rooftops. This was in New Mexico. The Silly Century is HERE!!!

IV. NBC will soon change the name of its cable news purveyor, MSNBC to "NBC CABLE NEWS". This will, of course, give it momentum to take it from an average audience of lass that a half million PAST Fox News Cable's two million average.

WARNING: (Do NOT hold your breath !)

V. Newspapers, in general, and the LATimes, Dallas News, Chicago Tribune, continue to lose readsership at the rate of between 2 % and 6 % annually.

The New Your Times is discounting (giving away) subscriptions to illegal immigrants and teenagers to inflate its numbers. Several newspapers have already been caught falsifying circulation figures, in 2004 and 2005.

The advertising income of a newspsaper is based on it's certified circulation. See??!!

VI. Canada's PM, Paul Martin, and his guru, Maurice Strong will be investigated for possibly having benefitted from Saddam Hussein's largesse in the "oil for food" scandal in the late 1900's. They join Chiraq and his henchmen in this regard.

A simple Google search will substantiate any or, or all of this.

Join the Literate Informed Modern web browswes. You have nothing to lose but your nescience !

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