Friday, May 13, 2005

Will "Reid-ism" Replace "McCarthyism" ????

"I personally witnessed him taking a bubble bath with his pet female kangaroo in his back yard !!!"

"I actually witnessed her walking into a dark room with her sturdy male German Shepherd!!...Guide dog for the sightless? I don' care!... It's kinky !"

Those, my friends, are the types of affidavits and judgmental comments contained in any FBI background report.

Trust me on this. I know.

So Senator Harry Reid, the Democrat minority leader took the flor Thursday, May 12, to announce that a peek at Michigan Appeals court justice Saad's FBI background check file contained information that would prevent any senator from voting for Saad's elevation to the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnatti.

(This is the same Reid who told Navada high schoolers President Bush is a "loser", remember?)

Just any senator is not privy to such FBI files. Only Judiciary committee members may see them, I am informed.

So did California's Beloved Barbara Boxer, the pseudo senator who probably thought Dubya was speaking in Atlanta last weekend, give Ole Harry a heads-up? That's illegal!

I was alive and sprightly, in the "Fifties" heyday of Senator Joe McCarthy. I watched him very carefully because I was in an continual conflict with my kin in Wisconsin about him. I despised him.

We all should have learned from him.

But I do not remember Tailgunner Joe ever divulging an FBI file---though he had access to all of them. He used AP and New York Times, Newsweek and TIME reports lavishly. He also twisted words for disinformation and demagogy.

But Harry Reid is not just Joe McCarthy "Lite".

Joe McCarthy was an alcoholic and was destroyed by his malady and his obsession.

Harry Reid, I predict, will ---like his predecessor Tom Daschle---be destroyed by his hubris and his flamboyant imbecility.

He and Howard Dean just don't get it. With their DNC fundraising efforts about 65% in toilet-shortfall, they race, like lemmings, to the ocean cliff of obscurity.

Run, Boys, Ryn !!!!!

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