Friday, May 27, 2005

The "Told-Ya-So" Game....

Majority leader Bill Frist has already announced he will leave the U.S. Senate when his present term is up.

Reporters and TV talking heads INSIST that he is running for president in 2008.

I think he'd rather go home and operate (actually and literally) on the hearts of Tennesseans in hospitals than to to continue to try to operate on the hearts and souls of U.S. Senators.

I can dig that.

But, here's a notably strage occurrence. The Friday, May 27 morning edition of the LATimes, (hidey-hole suzerainty of socialist Michael Kinsley), carried a DEMAND that the Surgeon-Senator resign from the Senate...supposedly because of his "ineffectiveness" as Republican leader.

This is a setup, of course, so that next year when Frist does not stand for re-election, the LATimes and Kinsley can say:

"WE Baaaaad! Looky whut WEEEE done !!!!"

What horse apples !

The dirty little secret is that the LATimes has lost 10 per cent of its circulation in the past year, according to Editor and Puiblisher.

What blind fools these retro-journalists be !!! Huh ???

What great respect they have for us...the citizens.....

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