Thursday, June 02, 2005

Lick My Toes !!!...I'm Enemy Number One !!!!

Just as June begins and schools shut down for the summer, the government (public) schools in my beloved home sttate of Georgia produced two new arguments for private school vouchers, home schooling and the elimination of teachers' unions.

In Greene County, a principal kicked a Marine Iraq war veteran sergeant off a middle schoolcampus before he got a chance to talk to the students who had been corresponding with him and his buddies for eight months...

Even though permission had been sought for the visit and said principal had ignored the written request.

In Carroll County, a Temple school teacher forced a ten year old student to kiss her feet, lick her instep and suck her toes.

Carrol county authorities said there was nothing "criminal" in this, since the female teacher "received no sexual gratification" from the act.

How do they know?

As a matter of fact, who, in the government schools knows ANYTHING ?

This may be the norm for Beverly Hills or Westchester County, N.Y.

But Greensboro and Temple in Georgia?

Makes you wonder if the Associated Press is on the job in the wilds of Kansas and Nebraska !

If a gay citizen walked in and asked to speak on the danger of AIDS / HIV, would the reaction of the Greene County schools be the same as for the Marine?

If the teacher had forced corporal punishment on the ten-year-old, how different would the reaction have been in Carroll County???

Well, in Florida where I lived for 25 years until 2002, the state vice-chairman of the teacher's union (FEA) was a janitor from Lake City.

It's the massive PeeCee Power--- the ideological imperative of the Democrat Party. Its the plantation mythology that also imprisons African American voters. The teachers---and especially the government school administrators-- have a few Skinnerized knee-jerk Axioms:

*- Hate the military

*-Express disdain, if not outright disgust with Christianity and its Holidays

*-Endorse the United Nations without regard for breach of ethical values

*-View patriotism with distaste

*-Choose "the newest, latest" over the Traditional in ALL things

And so on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

It reminds me of one of the old Bessie Smith, Leadbelly and Jimmy Rushing Blues Lyrics....

"She wake up in th' mornin'...
With her hair all down in her face....
What the poor fool don' know----
She done rount th' Human Race....


She a bad-actin woman...
An' she don' mean NO man no good...."

Welcome to the Teachers' Union and Government schols..Our Nations' most dangerous enemies.

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