Friday, July 15, 2005

Where is "Fair" ???

Sandy Berger was supposed to have been sentenced this past week.

You remember, Sandy Berger is the former top national security advisor to Bill Clinton.

He was caught and arrested when he stole classified documents from the national archives of top secret papers. He had the documents stuffed in his underdrswers, and in his socks, underneath his pants-legs.

Some of the top secret documents he checked to "refresh his memory" before testifying before the 9 / 11 Commission, STILL ARE MISSING !!!

You probably never read about this in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the New Yotk Times or the Washington Post. I doubt that the Associated Press even carried the story.

As a matter of fact, the ONLY newspaper that I KNOW carried the story at the time is the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville.

But everybody knows that all the Left Wing mainstream media leads the Democrat attack on Karl Rove, the Bush adviser who is accused of endangering security by discloding the identity of a CIA "agent" named Valerie Plame.

Now it turns out that a newsman, columnist Robert Novak, disclosed her name to Rove! Rove never disclosed her name to anyone, ever.

And, her husband, a Deocrat loyalist hell-bent on zapping the government he serves, has announced "My wife was NOT a clandestine agent when her identity was revealed..."

What to make of this?

The "jopurnalists" and their keepers can not any longer make any claim of "fairness".

Anyone who believes anything these perople offer is living in a Lewis Carroll world, where
ALL words, including "fair" mean, as the Red Queen said "Exactly what I want them to......"

No wonder they have to fake the circulation figures.

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