Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Value War...Who's Blind?

The Democrat Party in the United States proclaims eloquently, constantly, and sometimes shrilly that IT is the Sole protrctor of:

(1) Women's Rights

(2) Tolerance in Religious Affiliation

(3) Diversity (even court-enforced) in All Societal Units

(4) Wide ranging list of "Fundamenta Freedoms" of Democracy

(5) Robust Trade Unionism.

(6) "Academic Freedom" and Political Correctness in schools

All these things appeal to most Americans, and so they anchor what residually identifies the Democrat Party propaganda, year in and year out.

But ALL these things are seen as Evil Anathema by Muslim terrorist Assasins who have been attacking the USA specifically since they assasinated Robert F. Kennedy (a leadpipe cinch for president) in 1968 !!!---and the WORLD's free democracies, generally, since the establishment of Israel in 1948.

Why, then, does the Democrat Party and its doctrinaire liberal leadership consistently oppose those who have declared war on terrorism.

Why does the liberal-slanted media use "bomber" instead of "terrorist" to identify these slaughterers of babies?

Why do the American people, in survey after survey, see the Democrat Liberals as "soft" on the terrorists?

Why do these good Americans decry, and even seek to criminalize police protection "Profiling" of the young middle eastern male" ??? Why do they demand that your grandmother and any Congressional Medal of Honor veteran soldier be strip-searched? But NO "PROFILING" !!!!

Nobody remembers Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" comic strip any more....But Abner had a wonderful byword.

He used to say: "As any FOOL can plainly see ....(dadeedadeedadeedah!) -- Ah SEE !!!!

Well, these Jihadists hate Democrat Americans as much as they hate Dubya Bush. They hate everything Mrs. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, JFK and LBJ stood for. They hate and want to destroy everything Howard Dean, Hilary Clinton, Charles Schumer and Pat Leahy "believe they believe."

Why can't they see it?

I see !!!!

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