Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Perfidy, Maybe....Theft, Oh MY !!!

So, you thought my diatribes against the "mainstream media" were overblown?

Surely, you murmur, it isn't THAT bad !!!

Well, looky here, now. It's even worse than mere political bias.

Two wide-eyed, genius entrepreneurs who had a trademarked television show , syndicated nationally over 125 TV stations are, according to Matt Drudge's report, suing the American Broadcasting Company in Federal Court for theft!

You wont read about it in any of the pinko newspapers, and you wont hear it on ABG nightly news. But I'll bet it gets a squib in The New York Post, Broadcasting and Variety.

Drudge reports , one of those clueless nits from "American Idol" sold the deal to ABC network, with himself as "producer-host" and they fleshed it out to air this year. ABC annonced it the second week of July--last month.

They allegedly --(I can't believe this, really)--even NAMED the show the same name as the poor struggling small-time producerss named their syndicated show: "Million Dollar Idea".

Isnt it sadly ironic that the show was developed, originally as a study of daring, innovative entrepreneurs who made good with stunning success???

ABC allegedly appropriated the idea before it could grow out of syndication.

Only in corporate media America....Is this a great "mainstream" or what????

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