Saturday, August 20, 2005

Who Killed Who???

We were looking for syllogisms.

Searching for logical parallels, that is, to a present controversy.

Casey Sheehan reinlisted after facing death constantly. He was a warrior, a government employee, a member of an all-volunteer military service.

The Unites States does not "draft" its military. The mainstream left wing media would like for you to forget this.

So, we came up with this:

The U.S. government hires physicians and nurses for the Center of Disease Control, and for reserarch. If one of these physicians or nurses were to die as a result of some deranged person spraying them with Ebola haemorhagic fever-laced blood, or from contact with HIV/ AIDS contaminated blood---would we brand the president of the Unites States a "killer"---a "murderer" ???

And, even more to the point, when that secret service man, and the policeman took bullets fired by John Hinckley at President Ronald Reagan, was Reagan the "killer" of these government employees???

Or was John Hinckley the "murderer" ???

Just asking....asking for some logic, see???

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