Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Fog of Stormy Lies

Some readers of this web log have been somewhat put off by its preoccupation with the worthless bias of the mainstream media.

Now, we have an eloquent NEGATIVE appraisal of the media's frenzied racist hysteria during the Katrina disaster.

The Los Angeles Times, certainly no heavy lifter in Hillary Clinton's "Vast Rightwing Conspiarcy" has done a brutal hatchet job...on ITSELF, the Associated Press, all the television reporters and varous pundits and government officials.

For starts, there were 880, NOT ten thousand (10,000) fatalities.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and the "OPRAH" show come in for some very slashing attacks by the LATimes' brill;iant dissection.

Despite what Nagin said, there were only six deaths in the Superdome and one in the convention center, not 400 and 200. They were all naturally caused.

There was no infanticide, no rape, no deaths by gunshot. There was one suicide by jump-from-balcony.

There were no snipers, no armed conflict. Only one police suicide.

The toilets, however DID fail, because they just would NOT flush UP in a sanitary fashion. Sewer lines were clogged and flooded.

The great American Media circus was all rumor...Unsubstantiated panic screams.

And, despite what they had been taught by Ivory Tower professors AND slot-men and city editors, these so-called journalists reported rumors as fact, and scandalized theri profession while misleading millions of Americans.

Have they learned their lesson?????

I doubt it.

But I'll wager many millions of Americans have.

Fool me once...Shame on you. Fool me twice...same on me.

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