Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Who Hired Him??? I want to know !!!

ABC News reports Tuesday Night, Oct. 5. that a 46 year old Filipino Marine began stealing classifioed material while working in the White House for Al Gore before 2000, and contunued until a year ago when the FBI caught him while he was working for the FBI at Fort Monmouth.

ABC, of course, says he worked for Veep Dick Cheney in the first patagraph, and only notifies that he was hired by Gore in the sixth paragraph of its website story.

Typical biased national network garbage.

But what we need to know is:

Who vetted and hired him???

Al Gore?

Sandy Berger ??? (Another Document Thief, by the way.)

Richard Clatke ???

Or the Clintons??? Temember Hillary said "WE are the president !)

Talk about the people's Right to KNOW !!! Bring it on. Now...

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