Friday, November 18, 2005

Weasels Hate Heroes....

I got my first daily newspaper work while I was in college. I learned newspaper work from old guys who had come up as copyboys, rim men and obit scriveners. They are all dead now, and I am 80.

If you got too wordy, in those days, Sam Cox would ask for "a paragraf and a half". And, if we complained that he "didn't understand" or "just didn't know!", he would reply that he was just a "pore country boy from Hahira, Georgia, and did not go to Emory, but that he "DID know horsehockey" when he saw it !!!!

Now, all the basic honesty is disolving away as the newspapers and the AssPress become more corrupt daily by political bias and blind dogmatism.

Journalism in America is mostly a Wonderworld of Weasels.

Except for Bob Woodward, the hero of Watergate...a reporter who refuses to be molded by the pellmell socialist bent of the mainstream media.

If you scratched his patina, I am sure you could find classic "liberalism" under Woodward's stoic "unbiased" mask. But he is honest. He is a truth seeking reporter.

Maybe the last one.

And now, because he sniffed disdainfully at the "non story" of a non-covert CIA analyst conspiring with her husband to attack the Bush administration...

Because he knew all about it, the duplicity and phoniness and felt it all beneath him....

Because he testified on November 15 for Fitzgerald that a "high ex-administration official" (probably his close friend Colin Powell) tipped him off about the Joe Wilson / Valerie Plane / CIA axis....

Because this contradicts Fitzgerald's press conference diatribe against Libby....

Because of all this, the whole of his newspaper (WashPost) and all the network and CNN talking heads are cannibalizing him, trashing Woodward because he told the TRUTH, as he knew it.

What we have here is undeniable, ineradicable proof that journalism is very, very sick in the United States.

Call it a Malady Meltdown. Call it a Shabby Show-and-Tell.

I call it the Cacaphony of the claw-wringing weasels.

But whatever happens, Woodward has simply polished his Journalist-Hero credentials as the pygmies rage and devour their own entrails !

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