Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Make the Most of It....."

While Coalition trrops invaded Iraq in 2003, a very astute group of present and former spy types averred, on a website, DEBKAFILES.com , that Syria was hiding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, and the manufacturing processes for same.

You DO know, don't you that Saddam's Ba'ath Party rules Syrua?

Now, we learned last Sunday, from Senatot Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa.) that he had made a special trip to Syria the year before (2002) to WARN the Syrians that the United States intended to invade Iraq.

Sen. Rockefeller was, and IS STILL co-chairman of the senate intelligence committee and bicameral select committee on intelligence.

Thus, both Syria and Iraq were forewarned.

Thus they were able to eliminate WMDs from Iraq.

Thus, the anti-American Dim Dems can blithely accuse Presiident George Bush of "lying" about Saddam's weapons.

But there is still the matter of 500 tons of "yellowcake" uranium ore found in Iraq, and still being guarded at an "unnamed location" there.

Jay Rockefeller's disclosure of his Syrian Serenade to Chris Wallace will not be the last you hear of all this.

Like I said before...Stay tuned.

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