Saturday, November 12, 2005

You Connect the Dots .....

A few notes about the media and La Belle France.

Do you know how many synagogues and churches and schools were torched, along with the 11,000 Peugots and Citroens, since October 27, in France by the Afroislamists?

Of course you do not. But Chiraq IMMEDIATELY ordered an in-depth investigation into the burning of ONE mosque ! Crackdown !! Zut! Alors!

Insurance will not reimburse for loss of property in civil insurrection. Stay tuned for further revolutionary activity !!!

Do you know the " meaning", in English of "Al Qaeda" ?

How about "Islam" ?

Well, don’t feel bad. The Ass Press and the other mainstream media do not know either.....Or they SEEM not to know.

"Islam" means SUBMIT!!!!!

"Al Qaeda" means: THE BASE !

So, if you view Islamo-Fascism (including Hamas, Hezbollah, Jihadislami, and the rest of the murderous guttersnipes as pyramidal, and you turn the Pyramid upside-down, then Al Qaeda is the "point" at the bottom–the doctrinal "base" for all the others.

One more thing I think is instructive:

Indonesia–really a collection of islands north of Australia, is strung out along about One-eighth of the Earth's circumference.

Indonesia has a population of more than 250 million, which is the same as the United States in 1960. (We are at 300 million now).

More than four-fifths of the Indonesians are followers of Islam (actually 85 percent).

You will not hear any of this on TV or from the print media.

Stay with The Depot for further bulletins.

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