Monday, March 19, 2007

Paper Clips

I have not seen a really great documentary motion picture since I stopped making them.

Until Now.

It's Paper Clips, produced by Eliot Berlin and Bob Johnston, and you should see it even if you must buy it from Amazon. I wish I could give EVERYONE a DVD !!

It's about a small town, Whitwell, Tennessee (POP. 1,400) and a succession of middle schoolers between 1998 and 2002, who decide to collect one paper clip for every Jew gassed or cremated by Hitler's Naziz in Dachau, Auschwitz, Terblinka and the other deatrh camps.

Paper clips, you know, were invented in Norway, and during the Dark Years, the Norwegian Undrerground, fighting Nazi Soldiers in Norway, saved thousands of Jews headed for slaughter, and used the paper clip as a symbol of Hope.

These Appalacian children from hard laboring families left adrift economically when the coal mine closed, don't even know what a Jew is, Why they Are, or What is Different about them. But they learn so much more than Those Things.

If I told you what happened, who wrote them and sent paper clips for every slaughtered family member, who came to Whitwell and what the final outcome was it would spoil the story. You MUST see it.

If you want to cheat, you can look it all up on the internet. But everyone iun America should see this motion Picture.

Hell ! Everyone in Am,erica should emulate Whitwell, Tennessee.

I'll give you a hint. They amassed a number of paper clips to represent not only the martyred six million Jews Hitler annihilated, but the five million homosexuals, Gypsies and Jehovah's Witnesses gassed and burned in the Killing Camps...Plus enough to account for Stalin's Pogroms, too !

And then...they did something even more ennobling....Write if you care to know !

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