Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lost in Surreal Horror

The New York middle-school teacher saw a thoroughly objectioable object on the fifth grader's metal desk, and demanded the child remove it and hide it or "face consequences".

The child burst into tears, and the tears did not stop until she was home in her mother's arms.

"I don't understand", the little girl said.

I don't either," her mpther said.

In the subsequent uproar...or in its aftermath...the teacher and the principal and the superintendent and the teachers' union representative all agreed on remedial action:

NO MORE "OBJECTS" other than work materials will be tolerated on students' desks. A safe deal, see?

The "offending object?

It was a "refrigerator" magnet saying "SMILE ! JESUS LOVES YOU ! "

Now, let us look in at the Disney Corporation and the American Broadcasting Company, where Rosie O'Donnell is free to call one entire political party butchers and / or killers and enabled to accuse the Unites States government of blowing up the World Trade center and the Pentagon on Sepotember 11, 2001 for "political advantage".

Is there anything wrong with this picture ?

Are Lewis Carroll and Bram Stoker collaborating on the script for appropriate behaviour and tolerable, sensible personal expression in 20007?

Write me and tell me what YOU think....

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