Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Big Hell-Low

You would think, wouldn’t you, that those inscrutable, immutable Control Freaks, the Chinese communists and their Red Army could impose law and order and successfully ordain that all American tourists would be returned to the bosoms of their terrorized Detroits, Miamis, D.C.’s and New Orleanses unscathed by Oriental hands.

But, one lone crazed 47 year old man stabbed three admirers of the 800 year old Drum Tower outside Beijing Saturday, 8-9-08, killing one. Teo others, one American and a Chinese guide were slashed.

Then the attacker leaped off the tower, 130 feet to his death.

And thereby casting a fecal stink over what Matt Drudge called “the Greatest Olympics Opening Ceremony in History...”

So, what I am getting at...asking, in fact, is:

Is there ANY security, available ? Any personal safety ? Anywhere ?!

One of my Gurus in the 1980's--- a psychologist named Sheldon Kopp-- rather famously put it this way:

“This is it. You cannot ‘hide’. Besides, there is nowhere to go. When you get ‘there’, you will still have ‘You’ and another ‘Here !’. And, anyway, safety, security and progress are all Chimeras—-mirages...”

There is a great deal of evidence to support this theme. Yea, even in the Old Testament, and the New Testament. All of History, of course.

Maybe we’ve been indoctrinated in a lottery-anchored materialism that leads us to believe in “luck” and possible physical Forever-ness.

But, as it has been written since Moses, Lot, Job, James, Peter and John, there is no Earthly Physical defense against Human Evil.

Not even by Mister Wu and the Chinese Red Army.

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