Friday, August 22, 2008

Closed System = Closed Minds


Things occasionally DO come together, and coalesce into a rational whole. Sometines the result is unsettling.

This week there was a query in which the writer was making painful efforts—a;; in vain—to draw some sort of parallel between the “religions” of Islam and Christianity.

His effort lays bare the reason why that particular exercise in Diversity Construction will be fruitless.

Islam is a System, NOT just a religion like Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Baha’i. And, it is a CLOSED Sstem.

Muslims all are part of an intricate, complicated structure of laws, educational strictures, rituals, traditional family rules and practices, and...yes, beliefs and a Faith, of course. And, within the system, there are internecine wars of murderous intensity over which sect of Islam descends from the True Caliph–which sect Allah smiles upon to inherit the palpable pre-Paradise World.

That was with, also is systemic and systematic.

And, then, there is AQIYYAH—the doctrine beloved of the Shi’ia and coveted by many Sunni, which allows any but the infidel non-Muslim to lie, misrepresent, swear falsely and perjure one’s self
with impunity in Allah’s name, for the good of Islam.

That is the way I understand it. All this becomes obvious and underscored as Muslim taxi drivers in St. Paul refuse to haul people with alcohol breaths. when girls absent themselves from school when they are denied head scarves, when more and more, Sharia law sneaks into small town city council meetings amid heated debate.

It becomes more and more difficult to see this whole system as simply a religion, does it not?

As I was answering my correspondent in this vein, a bulletin from Gaithersburg, Maryland caught my attention. A high council of construction engineers, metallurgists, disaster specialists and academics presented the DEFINITIVE explanation for the implosion and destruction of WTC-Seven on September 11, 2001.You can see the report here:

You may not have noticed, but a strident, moiling group calling themselves “”“truthers””” have long advanced a conspiracy theory that this particular building, which housed some U.S. Government offices, was the site of an immense detonation of explosives that brought down the WTC.

Ms. Rosie O’ Donnell, allying herself with their cause without proffering any credentials from Carnegie Tech or Cornell, affirmed:

“Everybody knows fire won’t melt steel....” Or something to that effect. I may have the video somewhere...

Well, all the specifications are there, including temperatures, frangible exponents...all of it, including draftsmen’s art and animation as well as video. It’s available online. Just Google WTC-7 Explained.

But here is the point. Any and Every conspiracy theory is an impregnable system, as intricate as the mighty, 1300-year old system of Islam.

And every healing balm, every painstaking attempt to take the pain and death dealers out of the mix is doomed to fail.

Systems without ventilation, renewal and repristination are all durable unto themselves only.

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