Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lowest, Worst Journalism is at CNN

When I got my first newspaper job, I was told the story of John Peter Zenger, who, long before there was a United States, refused to print lies and refused to twist facts. He was jailed by King George III.

Zenger and his attorney Andrew Hamilton (no kin to Alex) set the standard for freedom of speech and the press. AND they lay foundation for the First amendment in the Bill Of Rights.

As I compose this, just minutes ago, I saw an interview by a person who climed his name was "Griffin" with Governor Sarah Palin.

He asked her what she had to say about a renowned Conservative, writing in National Review (The Flagship of the "Right").

He told her thje writer could not decide whether she was stupid, poorly informed, dishonest and corrupt or...

Here she interrupted him and asked "Who wrote that ?"

"Well, they...uh...they..."

"Who wrote that?" Palin rerpeated. "I would like to talk personally with them."

Griffin said he didn't know, didn;t have the name of the author, but he demanded her reaction... She gave it in a kind, softly voice, dripping with pity: disbelief, some concern "if what you say is true".

But it turns out that Byron York, who SOMETINES writes for NR did not write the quote in NR. He wrote in a post on the internetg, and what he was doin when he used those words was saying that if one believed everything that had been written by reporters for AssPress, the four big left wing dailies, one would be led to believe:"b;ahblahb;ahblahbla..."

So, CNN aired a torturously twisted-backwards quote whose author they could not identify, gave a source that never offered the words in ANY form, and tried to play "GOTCHA" with them.

Now, millions and millions of people have been leaving the old three alphabet networks and clicking their remotes to cable. You can get the figures at DRUDGE or the NIELSEN site.

And they get, not just garbage, but manipulated, deliberate Lies.

Is this a preview of the "Fairnedd Doctrine" that RTeagan ridded us of ??

As Sam Goldwyn famously said:

"You should just include ME OUT..."

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