Wednesday, January 27, 2010

0's "Freeze" May be a Hot Potato...

Giving credit to Dr. Charles Krauthammer, Liberal intellectual economist Paul Krugman and left-wing midget Robert Reich all in the same paragraph may be too much for you....but there you have it !

That Obama “freeze” on discretionary spending by the U.S. government is another smoke-and-mirrors, Oz-like shell game sham, they say.

Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly on Fox News Channel it is “three-card-monte”—meaning misdirection of comprehension, in my lexicon.

Let’s say that Obama’s budget, presented to the House democrat leadership, where ALL sppropriationsm must start, calls for a 35% increase in the budget of the attorney general’s budget (to take care of the release of indicted Black Panthers and civil criminal trial in New York of enemy combatants with explosives in the crotch , (and / or a Gitmo lockup history.)

Well, a “freeze” would lock that increase into all future appropriations.

Not that Congress has recently scaled DOWN an appropriation. It has, however, limited cost-of-living increases in some cases to 3.5 % hikes.

So, as Krauthammer says, it’s “chicanery”. As Krugman says it’s “appalling!”. And as Reich says he just cannot believe it.

They may not be able to weigh the resentful anger in the alert, informed American voter’s heart. But these White House chiselers know how to transform a “freeze” into a potentially “hot potato”, however unintentionlly.

They have not figured out that the Tea Party is neither national political party.

The Tea Party of 2009 and 2910 is a knowledge-driven celebration of America and its longevity.

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