Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad Penny Has Two Sides

It HAD to be on a Monday. And it WAS. January 25, 2010 in fact--that two startling stories slammed into my ken.

One was a video of the President oif the United States making a speech to 11-and-12-year-olds, using a teleprompter. At first the report was denied by that famous oracle, Robert Gibbs, fresh fom undressing himself on Chris Wallace's Sunday interview.

But the swiftie web site had a video up, showing his Adored-Ness flicking eyes laft to right from the panels as he intoned to the sixth graders.


Next up was Congressman Marion Berry (D) of Arkansas with the intelligence that he had repeatedly warned the president and White House aides they were courting disaster with the all-court press on Obamacare, deficit spending, and trying to cram Crap'n Tax GW climate legislation down the throat of a dubious electorate.

Berry, who is retiring becaue he sees a bloodbath for Democrats in November 2010, said no one i the White House listened. In fact he quoted President Obama as saying nothing like what happened in 1994 to the Clintons is going to happen....


"Because you all got ME, now !!!", Berry quoted Obama as saying.

Two sides to a bad penny, huh ?

One is Stealth-Inarticulate. Prome to "Uh", "Um" and "er"..(or err?)

And one starkly delusional.

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