Monday, February 22, 2010

Nothing's Broken....They're Just Senseless

Frothing his spittle as usual, Massachusetts Democrat congressman Barney Fwank petulantly whined to a pet reporter a few days ago that:

“Washington is “bwoken” !

It would be waspishly witty to fake misunderstanding and murmur “Yasss, We ARE BROKE !”

But it’s not a giggle. Here we have the maestro of the Muddle...the moneystrings of the Nation who legislated free home construction for millions of unqualified home loan applicants while he sashayed into the sunset with his employee-boytoy, whining because his dreams are crumbling or melting around him.

It’s the same, old, left wing, liberal-“progressive” whimper.

When the “Contract for America” wiped out his Democratic majority in 1994, Bill Clinton and his wife moaned that “the system is broken !”

Yet, master politician that he was, Clinton snatched victory from the furnace of defeat, negotiating “welfare reform”, his premiere legacy and the only signal retreat from entitlement spending in history.

There were, THEN, responsible lawmakers who believed in the process--the give-and-take "sausage factory"---the journey, if you will !

But these doctrinaire Marxist socialist types of 2010 are a different breed. They take their marching orders from the profane Rahm-it-Thru Emanuel, the president’s chief of staff, and, as epitomized by Widdle Fwankie, when they are stymied or stalled, they squat on the pity pot and cry foul-havoc.

Even the president fell prey to the litany.

And all of this gnashing of teeth and tantrum-teetering is caused by one special election that returned “The Kennedy” senatorial seat to the people of Massachusetts when Scott Brown was elected there.

You only hear the cry “Washington (The System) is Broken” when popular opinion overtakes and obliterates conniving and conspiracy and the “earmarks”, pet projects and swollen udders of taxpayers milk are threatened with shrinkage and the extraction of the teats.

So, when you hear some U.S. legislator, pundit, talking head or professor yawping about “Washington” or “the System” being broken...

You can be sure that YOU will soon not be as “broke” as you have been, that the tax cutters and budget shrinkers are taking power from the irresponsible and ignorant.

But it IS up to you to keep the shrill rising, to its final silence. At the ballot box-cum-polling place near you.


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Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


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