Friday, February 26, 2010

Fiscal Integrity's Voice : Ryan

The well-informed media in the UK know him better than the people in the United States: Congressman Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Prevublican from Janesville.

They judged him ninth (9th) in importance among United States conservative "Leaders". They do this better than any of the lefty American journalists, being removed and objective.

He is certainly a magnificent thinker and elucidator.

As a member of the Wayd and Means committee in the Housem from which ALL spending originates, and as the premier budget expert who can silence Barney Frank and seize the spotlight from President Obama, Ryan stole the "show" at Blair House Thursday and stunned the "room" as well as some very feet-in-cement pundits.

Here's a sample:

Ryan has repeatedly said he is not a 2012 candidate for president. At 30, he has six terma in the House under his belt and just relishes his preoccupation with the federal budget and its crushing effect on this and future generations. He is a serious deficit fighter with answers: To entielements, even, to security expenditures, to healthcare's balooning costs.

Not an Ivory Tower type nor an Ivy Leaguer, he was educated in Janesville and at Ohio's Miami Unversity. In the Heartland.

We will do well to draw him to further nationwide attention. He has no ulterior motives. He just loves the United States and its children. He has three young ones.

And, thank Eternity, he is obsessed with trimming those numbers the Congressional Budget Office keeps throwing around and AT us. He can catch even the CBO in a mistake.

Listen to him and make up your own mind.

And watch Obama's face.

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