Sunday, February 28, 2010

Will His Addiction Affect History ?

This is not the first time that it has been posted here that The UK Telegraph is the best newspaper in the English language.

Late Sunday, the crack journalists there reported that U.S. Navy physicians who gave President Obama his first physical exam since his inauguration asked him to stop smoking and put the brakes on alcohol consumption.

You will NOT rtead this on your front page...OR see it on the alphabet TV news rants.

So here's a Link

May not be important,of course. Time, Newsweek and People will not carry it or will bury it. TMZ might get a word in.

We've had a lot of advice from the top two in the White House about our "intake". That pair should practice what they preach.

But, then, they have a heavy burden. They're in an unfamiliar environment where folks expect some modicum of similarity with what one says and what one does.

Charley Rangel, William Jefferson and all the bankers are watching.

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