Sunday, March 07, 2010

Scary and Deplorable

If I may, with humility, allow me to just parse this for you. It took me 36 hours to cool off after the first shock.

The AssPress carried a story Saturday out of Teheran, Iran allegedly written by someone whose name translates into "Allah is Great" in English averring that the USA "official VERSION" of Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center is "a fabrication and a lie".


That, notwithstanding the fact that CNN showed the second plane hitting the second tower for millions (billions ?) of world TV watchers.

The authority for that statement, quoted by the AssPress, which emphasized the words "U.S. official version" was of course, Moomoo Imadinnerjacket, the lunatic Persian president.

Then on Sunday, another International News Media Giant, Al Jazeera, in reporting that Iraq citizens dismissed Baathist terrorist bombings that killed 38 to vote freely and innumerably are now "CONDEMNED to Democracy...."

(My capitals for emphasis added in both cases.)

Here we can isolate the situation that obtains on our little blue marble of a planet.

Two tyrannical news-gathering organizations are spewing toxic nonsense and spurning a responsible analytical report to kiss political arse.

And, no matter whether you live in Doha,Qatar or Denver / Kansas City, it's deplorable...and scary.

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