Saturday, March 13, 2010

Schadenfreude ? Or Gotterdammerung ?

Whirling around in this ancient brain-pan is a huge question that readers of this corner might want to ponder also.

IF...Obamacare passees and gets signed into law and the Dow and NASDAQ tank back to 5,000 and 500 respectively, what will the reaction of the clueless megalomaniacs be ?

? Or, Gotterdammerung ?

Will the conspirers and liars dance jigs and do intricate gavottes over the prostrate Wall Street entrepreneurs and lowly 401K holders ?

Or will they shrug their collective arrogant shoulders with hollow chortles and sink ,or SLINK, (more slowly) into the Autumn ooze of Western civilization ".

I can hear Robinson Jeffers singing his litany to the Big Sur cypress survivors in the subtle hypocrisy of a Pacific Dawn:

"...Be in nothing so moderate as in thy love of "man", clever servant and insufferable Master.... THERE is the trap that catches noblest Spirits !That caught, and killled, they say, God when He walked the earth...."

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