Monday, April 19, 2010

Bubba & the Brain-Dead

On the day Pew, the most respected, unbiased and traditionally accurate public opinion survey of the American people reports that 80 percent of us distrust our government completely,( ex-president Bill Clinton says dissent is "as threatening as the OKC bombing.

And a national newsmagazine with plummeting circulation and very few pages (TIME) calls Sara Palin and Tea Partiers "seditious".

The feeling here is that both Bubba and the rag are, at worst, dissembling and venal and at best, irrelevant.

The word "sedition" in the OED, is defined as more "separate" or "severed-from", and if 80% of Americans are disaffected from
"the Gubmint", then they just do not share in the Beltway Conventional Wisdom.

Since there has been a book published, "The Third Terrorist", by an NBC investigative reporter that documents the presence of one Hussein abd Hussaini, one of Saddam's Republican Guards embedded in America, in the Ryder truck with Timothy McVeigh, I cannot understand Clinton's eagerness to bring THAT up.

It may be that these clueless left-wing ideologues read nothing but the NY Times and WaPo and are so uninformed they do not understand that the Tea Party folks ARE AMERICA.

They have certainly forgotten that their demigod Thomas Jefferson campaigned on a platform that claimed "The Tree of Liberty must be frequently fertilized with the blood of free patriots..."

Irrelevance can become a self-indulgence...a soft futon, say.

But when lying malice morphs into blind idee-fixe accompanied by echolalia, aren't the men in white coats in order ?

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